• Shiitake Mushroom

    Native to East Asia, this mushroom is now consumed around the world.

  • Portobello Mushroom

    Delicious common brown mushroom which is great for cooking!

  • Oyster Mushroom

    Oyster mushrooms can be white, yellow, or reddish brown, with a whitish stalk.

  • White Mushroom

    Most commonly seen in the supermarket are cultivated white mushrooms. Also known as champignons.

Cultivation of Mushrooms

Interested in learning more about mushrooms? How about cultivating them in your own home? There is plenty to learn about these gilled fungi. Common types include chanterelle, cremini, oyster, portobellow, shiitake and white.

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Types of Mushrooms

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Poisonous Mushrooms

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Mushroom Nutrition

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