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Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

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A plate of sauteed mushrooms makes a healthy and delicious dinner or smaller portion for an appetizer. You can use any variety of mushrooms that you enjoy. This sautéed mushrooms recipe can easily be tweaked with adding fresh vegetables as well.
Assorted Mushrooms

Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe


4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 bunch of parsley
1.5 tbsp butter
2 Cloves of Garlic
1.3 lbs of fresh mixed mushrooms (porcini, oyster, champignon and honey mushrooms)

How to prepare

Let’s prepare together the sautéed mushrooms:

Begin by cleaning the mushrooms: first of all, cut off the base of the stem, using a knife. That’s it, cleaning the champignon mushrooms is quite easy; with regard to the porcini mushrooms, you have to be more careful, so remove any dirt, cutting off as little as possible of course. Probably you’ve been told that mushrooms, especially porcini mushrooms, should not be washed or soaked in water, but if there’s a lot of dirt, instead of wiping with a damp cloth, as commonly said, you should definitely rinse them quickly under cold running water, and pat them dry immediately, since mushrooms are spongy and soak up a lot of water. After cleaning the stem and removing any dirt, we’re ready to cut them: in this case, since we’re using mixed mushrooms, try and cut them evenly, in a similar way, so that they will cook evenly, too.

And here are the cut up mushrooms, I suggest to cut them lengthwise, in order to keep the mushroom shape and an even thickness, more or less; only the honey mushrooms have been left whole, because they’re very small and will cook evenly with the other mushrooms. So, put the butter and the oil in a pan and add the 2 cloves of garlic, that can be cut in half, chopped, sliced, left whole with skin on or removed after browning… it’s up to you. Now add the mushrooms and cook stirring very gently, to keep from breaking; cook them on a high flame, never on low heat.

10 min. — high heat

After about 10 minutes of cooking, add salt… remember to leave the pan uncovered… and plenty of chopped parsley. Then cook for 5 minutes more and the mushrooms are ready.

5 min. — high heat

And here is our beautiful dish of sautéed mushrooms! Remember that you can use the mushrooms you like most or those available on the market, to create your favourite mix.

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